Yealink VCM35 Wired Microphone


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Video Conferencing Microphone Array, Built-in 3-Microphone, Covers 6m, Medium and Large Conference Rooms

The Yealink VCM35 Array Microphone is designed to enhance your audio conferencing experience. With its advanced features and superior sound pickup capabilities, this microphone ensures crystal-clear communication and seamless collaboration. Whether you're in a small meeting room or a large conference space, the VCM35 Array Microphone delivers exceptional audio performance. Enhance Your Audio Conferencing Experience with Yealink VCM35 Array Microphone. Upgrade your audio quality and take your conference calls to the next level with the Yealink VCM35 Array Microphone. Enjoy superior sound pickup, noise suppression, and easy installation. Make every meeting a success with clear and uninterrupted communication.

Key Benefits and Features:

  • Superior Sound Pickup
  • Noise and Echo Suppression
  • Easy Installation
  • Wide Compatibility
  • Sleek and Professional Design
  • Long-Term Warranty

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