IP Office Phones at The Forefront of Technology

IP office phones are ideal for businesses requiring a high-performance desk phone with full PBX features and functionality. IP business phones are specifically designed for use with IP telephony, so they do not require a telephone line to operate. The desk phone only requires to be connected to an internet and power source to function, making an excellent out-of-the-box solution.

BusinessCo Online provides a full range of Yealink and Grandstream IP desk phones, accommodating to any business requirement you may have. The phones can provide up to 16 SIP accounts as well as include other useful features, such as touch screen, LCD display and built-in Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. IP desk phones start from $79.

Yealink T58A Video IP Phone

$509.00 $733.70

Yealink VP59 Video IP Phone

$899.00 $1,295.80