Transform Your Business Communications with State of The Art Technology

IP Phones are specifically designed for use with IP telephony which includes Virtual PBX and Business VoIP. The phones convert standard audio into digital format so it can be transmitted over an IP network, including the internet. It also converts incoming signals into standard audio.

An IP phone comes in two forms, either as a hardware handset or a softphone. Most SME businesses choose desktop IP phones for their PBX system requirements. IP Phones look like traditional telephone handsets and have been developed to take full advantage of Business VoIP and Hosted PBX technology.

Enterprise quality IP phones don't need to be expensive. Our prices start at $69 for a standard business IP desk phone designed for light to medium call volume. Or choose a gigabit IP phone with advanced telephony features for only $109. Select the IP phone that best suits your needs and rest assured you're buying the best quality at ultra-competitive prices

At BusinessCo Online, we offer a Full Range of Both Yealink and Grandstream Desktop, Cordless and Video IP Phones. Yealink and Grandstream are two of the leading global manufacturers of IP phones and offer the best value without compromising quality, functionality or performance. The design of their IP phones is at the forefront of the technology and are ideally suited to SME businesses.

Optimise your business efficiency by pairing any of our enterprise quality IP Phones with a Virtual PBX System. Virtual PBX is a cloud based Hosted PBX Service delivered over a broadband connection. As opposed to traditional telephone systems which are installed at the business premises, the entire PBX system is delivered and managed from a secure Australian based data centre and accessed entirely through the internet.

The system delivers functionality unmatched by on-premise PBX phone systems. It's the replacement technology where SIP Trunks are used instead of telephone lines and IP Phones replace the PBX handsets. Pre-configured IP phones are simply plugged into the company's LAN and utilise the broadband connection to deliver an enterprise grade PBX service. Visit BusinessCom for more information on Virtual PBX Systems and Our Highly Competitive Rate Plans starting at $9 Per Month.

Key Benefits

BusinessCom PBX is powered by one of Australia's leading providers of cloud based PBX systems, with an extensive network here and overseas. It has an uptime SLA of 99.999% and utilises some of the best technology available.

  • No Telephone Lines Necessary - save costs and gain complete flexibility by not having to install traditional telephone lines.
  • Easily Scalable - create a fully functional business PBX system with only 2 extensions at a fraction of the cost of an on-premise system. Add extensions as your business grows to as many as required.
  • Fully Portable - physical installation of the PBX system is limited to connecting the IP phones to your broadband network.
  • Gain Complete Flexibility with Immediate Configuration - make immediate changes to system configuration without the need for a PBX technician.
  • Low Equipment Cost and Virtually No Maintenance - equipment cost is limited to the purchase of the IP handsets with a large selection of business grade phones costing less than $100.
  • All Software Updates and Maintenance Included - as opposed to IP-PBX systems which require regular software updates, a Virtual PBX system is delivered as a complete service. It's always up to date with the latest software.
  • Free Inter-Account Calls - calls are free between PBX extensions, regardless of where they are in the world.
  • All Features and Functions Included - the system comes complete with every feature and function that your business may need. They can be utilised depending on your business requirements
  • One System for the Whole Company Including Remote Sites - being cloud based, Virtual PBX extensions can be configured onto one system and used anywhere there is a suitable broadband connection.
  • Reliability and Redundancy – being an enterprise grade Virtual PBX system, it comes with full redundancy and a disaster management process.